Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Richard Clarkson: A Thousand Words

Check out this incredible photograph by Richard Clarkson. What's the saying? A picture is worth...

BTW, wouldn't this make an awesome Adidas poster?


Pete Nussbaum said...

Good luck with persuading the media to get on board, but if you ever need any help getting the word out, let me know.

A-Train all the way!


Troy said...

Not enshrining Artis Gilmore in the NBA Hall of Fame is a travesty. Individuals have gotten in on their singular NCAA, ABA or NBA careers. Mr. Gilmore was a star at each stage. And when one considers the "contributions" of recent enshrinee Dick Vitale versus Mr. Gilmore's (who actually played the game), it's appalling. Give Artis his due!!